Concrete Raising

If your concrete driveway or walkways are moving or uneven, we can help! Concrete slabs tend to sink over time as the soil beneath them settles or water washes it away leaving a void. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to raise your concrete to original levels fill any voids that may be present. By raising your concrete you can eliminate the potential danger of someone tripping and falling as well as extend the life of the concrete without the need for expensive demolition and replacement.

Concrete raising can restore your concrete surfaces to their original height and prevent costly replacement.

Affordable Concrete Raising

We will perform a thorough inspection to reveal what is causing the concrete to sink. For radiant heated floors we have a thermal camera that allows us to see where the tubes are embedded so we can safely drill into it without causing damage. We will provide this structural inspection and provide you with an estimate for the most appropriate and durable solution absolutely free and without any obligations.

We can raise concrete floors that have settled a few centimeters or over a foot. We proudly serve Colorado's high country in Summit County, Eagle County and surrounding areas. Get in touch with us today and let us help you make your home safer, and protect your property investment.

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