Concrete Cleaning, Sealing, and Caulking

The volatile fluctuations in the climate here in the high country can cause a lot of damage to concrete surfaces, especially during the winter time. Snow and ice mean salt and chemicals are spread over concrete surfaces for melting. Unfortunately, these compounds create fissures in the concrete that allow water to seep below the surface and then when it freezes and expands, the concrete begins to spall and degrade.

The alpine environment we live in causes buildup of moss and dust on concrete surfaces and can lead to spalling and other damage. Cleaning and sealing your concrete slabs is a cost-effective way of protecting your investment.

Permanent Crack Repair

We use a caulk alternative called Roadware 10 Minute Mender. It is a low viscosity material so it will penetrate deep into cracks and it bonds the walls of the crack back together. It cures completely (to 4500psi) in just 20 minutes and can be applied on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Spalling Repair

Concrete Specialist can repair your spalling concrete by applying Rapid Set polymer mix that cures to in just two hours. Prolong the lifespan of your damaged concrete by restoring it where spalling occurs instead of replacing it.

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